The Joe M Stell Water Ombudsman Program

Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque River Basin Adjudication (NPT or Aamodt)

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The Joe M Stell Water Ombudsman Program is a New Mexico state-wide program within the Utton Center at the University of New Mexico School of Law. The Ombudsman Program assists unrepresented water right claimants in navigating the New Mexico adjudication process. Adjudication activities for non-Pueblo water rights include surface water right priorities and post-1982 domestic wells. The Program provides a toll-free help line, mailings and public presentations.

Toll Free Help Line: 1-877-775-8333 for Aamodt questions

Ombudsman's direct line: 505-277-0551
Darcy S. Bushnell, Director

The Court and parties are focused on finalizing the non-Pueblo water rights. It has entered a procedural order with four attachments to guide the process for accomplishing this goal.

2014 Aamodt Settlement Community Meetings Handout

The Court has adopted the Settlement Agreement and entered the Partial Final Decree for the Pueblos. Congress passed the Aamodt Pueblos Settlement Act.

What is next regarding the Settlement?

  • If Non-Pueblos wish to join the Settlement, they must file an Acceptance and if they have a domestic well, a well election. (no deadline yet)
  • Acceptance Form (12-06-2013)

Signup to receive documents filed at the Court:

The Court has entered an order requiring all parties to sign up to receive all documents filed in the Aamodt Case. To signup complete the CM/ECF form below and mail to the Court’s address provided. A party may be excused from this rule by preparing the form “Notice of Hardship” and mailing it to the Court at the same address.

The links below contain other important information about the Aamodt Settlement:

For more information about the adjudication, the case, and the settlement:

For information on the New Mexico adjudication process, click below to view the Ombudsman Program's step-by-step video guide.

Video - The Water Rights Adjudication Process in New Mexico

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Video - El Proceso de Juicio de Derechos de Agua en Nuevo Mexico (Temporalmente fuera de servicio)

The Ombudsman Program does not offer legal advice. Claimants who believe they need legal advice are encouraged to consult with an attorney. The Ombudsman Program is not associated with any court, the federal government or the Office of the State Engineer.