Model Interstate Water Compact Project

Model Interstate Water Compact Background

The Utton Center has developed a model interstate water compact which can be used as the basis for forging agreements between states regarding their shared water resources and for dealing with issues not considered in current compacts. Muys & Associates was hired by the Center in 2004 after a nation-wide search process. Mr. Jerome C. Muys and Dr. George William Sherk conducted the comprehensive project on behalf of the Utton Center. A committee of 30 national interstate water experts advised the Center during the drafting of the compact. The Model Compact is the culmination of over three years of work by the Center including conferences on interdisciplinary approaches to interstate water issues and cross-cultural issues in water settlements. The Model Compact with commentaries was published in the 2007 Winter edition of the Natural Resources Journal. In 2009, the book, Model Interstate Water Compact, by Jerome C. Muys, George William Sherk and Marilyn C. O'Leary was published by UNM Press.

To download a copy of the Model Interstate Water Compact, click on the following link.

The Model Compact is intended to provide a mechanism by which interstate water conflicts may be resolved in an amicable, efficient, equitable and effective manner. Provisions include articles on establishment and structure of the Commission, water apportionment, water quality protection and water resources management programs, dispute resolution, interagency coordination, and budgeting and funding. A commentary section follows each article to explain the rationale for each provision. In addition to its applicability to water conflicts within the United States, the Utton Center hopes that the Model Compact may also assist in the peaceful resolution of international water conflicts.

The Utton Center is grateful for support of this project by the United States Department of Energy, the Thaw Charitable Trust and the Healy Foundation.