Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Act Collaborative Program

The Utton Center is working to provide assistance in establishing a long term plan for the Endangered Species Act Collaborative Program, a consortium of water interests in the Middle Rio Grande, to meet the needs of water users and improve the status of listed species in compliance with the Rio Grande Compact. The Utton Center is helping to organize the University of New Mexico's involvement in the Program. Bruce Thomson, Director of UNM's Water Resources Program represents UNM on the Executive Committee and Susan Kelly, Director of the Utton Center represents the University on the Coordination Committee. UNM is committed to engaging other faculty members on an ad hoc or continuing basis.

For more information on the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Act Collaborative Program, visit their site at http://www.mrgesa.com/

Susan Kelly, with law student Summer McKean, has written a paper summarizing the litigation which began in November 1999 with the filing of Rio Grande Silvery Minnow et al. v. Keys: The Rio Grande silvery minnow: Eleven years of litigation.

In the past, the Utton Center helped the Collaborative Program in two areas: support of negotiations, and coordination of a project to model water management alternatives. The modeling proposal resulted in a Draft Report that is pending review by the Interim Steering Committee for the Program.