NRJ Edition on New Mexico's Rio Grande Reservoirs

In 1979, Professor Albert Utton, with the assistance of Robert Muehlenweg and Barbara G. Stephenson, had prepared an article entitled "The Legislative History of the Rio Grande Reservoirs in New Mexico" ( 91.8 MB PDF document ). In researching the archives in 2005, Susan Kelly, then Associate Director of the Utton Center, realized the importance of this article and decided there was a need to update the article and bring it to the attention of a larger audience. With the assistance of several law students, Susan updated this paper, documenting what has happened since 1979 and examining the issues in more detail based upon issues of current relevance in water management. Working with The Natural Resources Journal the Utton Center then co-sponsored a Symposium in 2006 focused on the Rio Grande reservoirs. The updated article is included in the Summer 2007 edition of the Natural Resources Journal (Volume 47, No. 3). This volume also includes Modeling Reservoir Storage Scenarios by Consensus by Susan Kelly, as well as several articles that were presented at the Symposium.