First Utton Center Conference on Law, Science and Water - Snowbird Conference

Goal of the First Conference The goal of the first conference was to elucidate the state of the law and sciences currently addressing interstate water issues. The questions we focused on were: Where are we with interstate water agreements? What have we done in the past and what are we currently doing to address these problems? What are the most difficult issues states are dealing with? What is the state of the law and science related to interstate water issues?

To address these questions, a variety of experts convened at Snowbird, Utah to present information and share their perspectives on many of the most important issues and challenges facing them today. The experts discussed the contributions and limitations of their disciplines in addressing interstate water issues. Through three busy days of general session presentations and smaller breakout discussions, conference participants were able to learn about the challenges unique to other disciplines. Participants were also able to analyze the shortcomings of current water compacts in smaller group discussions that drew upon a hypothetical river system running through three states.

This conference was quite successful in educating participants about the perspectives of their colleagues. The conference also raised many important questions about existing water policies. A later conference is planned to address possible solutions and provide the opportunity for comment. The primary focus of this conference will be to formulate provisions a new model compact. This will be followed by the actual drafting of the compact, with additional review and, finally, publication.

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