Upstream-Downstream Project

The New Mexico Water Dialogue, with major support from the McCune Charitable Foundation, held a series of three professionally facilitated one-day workshops in 2006, involving a wide spectrum of stakeholder interests in the Middle Rio Grande Basin. The workshops, held on June 26, August 22, and September 26, 2006 were well received.

After the third workshop, the Utton Center assisted in convening meetings of a sub-group of participants from the three regions: Socorro-Sierra, Middle Rio Grande, and Jemez y Sangre. The subgroup met to explore ideas for how the three regions might work together. The Utton Center prepared a report on the subgroup's work.

For further information on the project visit the New Mexico Water Dialogue's website at:

The Fourth Workshop of the Upstream-Downstream group was held August 22, 2007. (Agenda) The subgroup presented two proposals and a Problem Statement for the meeting. Rolf Schmidt-Petersen of the Interstate Stream Commission and John Longworth of the Office of the State Engineer gave presentations at the workshop. These are available for viewing below: