Bosque Restoration Workshop - 2005

The Utton Center sponsored the second annual Bosque Restoration workshop held at the University of New Mexico School of Law on May 26, 2005 which took the bosque landscape alteration proposal to the next level of detail. The purpose of the workshop was to obtain a review by scientists, biologists and restoration project implementers on draft implementation guidelines that were prepared by Cliff Crawford, Sterling Grogan and Yasmeen Namji. A report on the workshop was distributed to participants. Final guidelines were published in Bosque Landscape Alteration Strategy, by Yasmeen Najmi and Sterling Grogan of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District.

Agenda ( PDF document )

Overview of Report ( PDF document )

Report (May 26) ( PDF document )

Proposal ( PDF document )

Participants ( PDF document )

Bosque Restoration Workshop - 2004

Wildfires and water depletion in the Rio Grande Bosque are issues of increasing concern to New Mexicans. In the attached proposal it is suggested that by altering the Bosque landscape to resemble its historic mosaic of native trees and open spaces, such fires will be reduced and water will be conserved. The proposal was critiqued at a workshop that included 80 scientists, project managers and others involved in bosque restoration activities in the Middle Rio Grande. The Outline of Basic Principles are available for use by policy-makers, educators, administrators, and the public as a widely-accepted (though unofficial) statement of the views of professionals regarding bosque landscape alteration policy. The intent is to clarify, enlighten, and inform New Mexico’s ongoing bosque policy development. The Workshop Summary describes the process and outcome of the event and the Workshop Notes provide greater detail on the issues discussed.

Media Workshop - 2004

In April 2004 we organized our first seminar for media representatives. We presented a Program on basic water law, the regulation of the Middle Rio Grande, important water legislation, and “how-to’s” of water reporting.