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New Mexico

  • New Mexico Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission
    The Office of the State Engineer (OSE) and the Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) are separate but companion agencies charged with administering the state's water resources. The agencies have power over the supervision, measurement, appropriation and distribution of almost all surface and ground water in New Mexico, including streams and rivers that cross state boundaries. The State Engineer is also secretary to the Interstate Stream Commission and oversees the staff of both agencies.

  • New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute - The New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico at New Mexico State University. The NM WRRI was established in 1963 by the New Mexico legislature and approved under the 1964 federal Water Resources Research Act. The institute funds research conducted by faculty and students from universities across the state to address water problems critical to New Mexico and the Southwest. The institute also participates in joint efforts to solve water-related problems along the U.S./Mexico border.

  • New Mexico Water Dialogue The New Mexico Water Dialogue promotes wise stewardship and seeks to ensure the availability of water resources for future generations of New Mexicans through support of community-based planning and creation of inclusive forums for education, communication, and development of common ground.

    The Fall 2013 issue of the newsletter is available at this link: Dialogue

  • The Rio Grande Advisory Council is a network of citizens - educators, students, professionals, land owners, federal, state, and local governmental agencies, and other stakeholders - who share a common concern for the conservation of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo watershed. We have established this network as a means to communicate, educate, and otherwise promote the sustainability of the watershed.

  • Middle Rio Grande Water Assembly – A planning initiative aimed at balancing use with renewable supply.

  • NM Bureau of Geology - Established by legislation in 1927, the 'Bureau' is a research and service division of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NM Tech). We are a non-regulatory agency that serves as the geological survey for the State of New Mexico.

  • The New Mexico Water Collaborative - The New Mexico Water Collaborative provides resources for the people of New Mexico to facilitate the implementation of water conservation strategies, and to educate our communities about critical water issues.

  • Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Section of State Bar of New Mexico
    The State Bar of New Mexico Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Section ("NREEL") is an organization of lawyers who practice in or are interested in law relating to natural resources, energy and the environment. Our purpose is to provide our members, the State Bar and the public with information and dialogue concerning issues affecting natural resources, energy and the environment. We also seek to provide practicing lawyers with an opportunity to share ideas, legal research and networking with the goal of providing the highest possible quality of legal services to New Mexicans in the areas of natural resources, energy and environment. Membership in SONREEL is open to any lawyer who is interested in these issues.

External to New Mexico

  • American Water Resources Association – Water Resources Blog
    Founded in 1964, the American Water Resources Association is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the advancement of men and women in water resources management, research, and education. AWRA's membership is multidisciplinary; its diversity is its hallmark. It is the professional home of a wide variety of water resources experts including engineers, educators, foresters, biologists, ecologists, geographers, managers, regulators, hydrologists and attorneys.

  • Pacific Institute - Founded in 1987 and based in Oakland, California the Pacific Institute is an independent, nonpartisan think-tank studying issues at the intersection of development, environment, and security.

  • The World's Water - Dedicated to providing up-to-date water information, data, and web connections to organizations, institutions, and individuals working on a wide range of global freshwater problems and solutions. 

  • UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science (formerly International Water Law Research Institute) - to contribute to conflict prevention and poverty alleviation at the global, regional and national levels through ensuring equitable and sustainable use of water resources; and to promote river basin management based on partnerships between stakeholders, managers and scientists .

  • The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution was created to assist parties in resolving environmental conflicts around the country that involve federal agencies or interests. The Institute provides a neutral place inside the federal government but "outside the Beltway" where public and private interests can reach common ground.

  • The Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), an organization within the Institute for Water Resources, is the designated Center of Expertise for the US Army Corps of Engineers in the technical areas of surface and groundwater hydrology, river hydraulics and sediment transport, hydrologic statistics and risk analysis, reservoir system analysis, planning analysis, real-time water control management and a number of other closely associated technical subjects.

  • Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources (IJNR) pursues higher standards of news coverage of natural resources and the environment - standards of accuracy, fairness, balance, depth and context.

  • Water Librarian -Serving water scientists, engineers, and librarians since 1996. This page contains links to resources that are found useful by a librarian in a California water agency.

  • International Water Law Project - The International Water Law Project web site was created to provide pertinent information on international water law and policy and related topics. Specifically, it offers treaties, articles, news stories, case law, Internet links, and other relevant information. Many of the materials, such as treaties and articles, are offered in full text.

  • USGS operates in every State; the Water Resources mission is to provide water information that benefits the Nation's citizens: publications, data, maps, and applications software.

  • The WaterWeb Consortium has been created to promote the sharing of information concerning water and the earth's environment. Our organization seeks to create a global community, bringing together educational, governmental, nonprofit, & commercial entities interested in water research, conservation, and management.

  • World Resources Institute is an independent nonprofit organization with a staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical analysts, map makers, and communicators working to protect the Earth and improve people's lives.

  • Web Directory - Water Resources - A directory of environmental organizations.

  • The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) mission is to enhance the skills and credibility of all ground water professionals, develop and exchange industry knowledge and promote the ground water industry and understanding of ground water resources.

  • Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) is comprised of about 90 universities in the United States and throughout the world. The Member institutions engage in education, research, public service, international activities, and information support for policy development related to water resources.

  • Western States Water Council – An organization consisting of representatives appointed by the governors of 18 western states. The purposes of the Council are primarily to accomplish effective cooperation among western states in the conservation, development and management of water resources; to provide a forum for the exchange of views, perspectives, and experiences among member states; and to provide analysis of federal and state developments.

  • The Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters – Promoting peace, environmental protection and human security through transboundary water education, outreach and research.

  • International Water Resources Association – IWRA is an international network of multidisciplinary experts on water resources. We are a non-profit, non-governmental, educational organisation established in 1971. IWRA provides a global, knowledge based, forum for bridging disciplines and geographies by connecting professionals, students, individuals, corporations and institutions who are concerned with the sustainable use of the world's water resources.

  • Water Conservation Throughout the Home Today’s modern household uses water for myriad purposes. Everything from cleaning dishes and taking showers to doing loads of laundry and washing the car can add up to several gallons or even hundreds of gallons of water used every month. Conserving the amount of water used at home will not only help to keep your water bill lower, but it’s also better for the environment. Read more...