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This page is dedicated to frequently asked questions and provides users with quick navigation tools for the Office of the State Engineer's webpage as well as New Mexico Courts webpage, provided by the Director of the Utton Center's Ombudsman Program, Stephanie Russo Baca. Please stay tuned as we create and upload new videos. To submit  a question contact Stephanie Russo Baca. 


What are Adjudications?

Adjudications - wherein a legal figure reviews two opposing cases based on evidence - are complex, expensive and lengthy proceedings. The adjudication of water rights, however, is required under the 1907 New Mexico Water Code and gives the New Mexico State Engineer the information necessary to meet his statutory obligations; that is, to administer the existing water uses, preserve the aquifer, make informed decisions about the future water development in the area, be ready to administer in times of storage, and meet New Mexico's Compact obligations.

How-To Video Guides

Navigating the Office of the State Engineer Website

New Mexico Adjudication Information

For information on the New Mexico adjudication process, click below to view the Ombudsman Program's step-by-step video guide.

Información sobre adjudicaciónes en Nuevo México

Para información sobre el proceso de juicio de derechos de agua en Nuevo Mexico, haga clic en el video de abajo.

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Stephanie Russo Baca, Director
(505) 916-8681

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