CLE Lecture with David Pierce, Washburn University School of Law

November 13, 2017

Professor David Pierce

"Correlative Rights Doctrine in Oil and Gas Jurisprudence"

On November 13th, 2017 Professor David Pierce discussed correlative rights doctrine in oil and gas jurisprudence at an hour-long CLE presentation hosted by the UNM School of Law Natural Resources and Environmental Law Program in cooperation with the New Mexico Bar Association Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Section.

Director of the Washburn University School of Law Oil & Gas Center and the Norman R. Pozez Chair in Business and Transactional Law, Professor Pierce explored the history of the largely ignored private property aspects of correlative rights, offered insights into why this part of the doctrine has been stunted, and why we can expect the doctrine to play a much greater role in oil and gas jurisprudence in the coming decades. Most often correlative rights principles are applied as a limitation on state oil and gas conservation commissions to ensure any restriction on the rule of capture is administered in a fair manner.

Professor Pierce pointed out that hydraulic fracturing and the immense area where this technology can be applied will affect correlative rights jurisprudence going forward.

For more information, a video of this lecture may be viewed here.